The SCRA scheme was started in 1927 by the British, to select a handful of the most intelligent Indians to assist them in their Railway Operations, after training at their Railway’s largest workshop, i.e. Jamalpur Workshop, and for one year in United Kingdom.TOP SCRA coaching center in dehradun. top scra classes in dehradun.The selected candidates were required to appear in the Mechanical Engineering Degree Examination held by Engineering Council (London).

Since then, the few admission seats for one of the country’s first engineering college have always been hotly contested,(best navy AA,MR,SSR,AIRFORCE,X-GROUP,Y-GROUP,ARMY,CDS,NDA coaching center in navy AA coaching center in derhadun,best artificer apprentices coaching institute ,no 1 navy coaching center,best indian navy aa center in 5,no 1) with as many as 2.5 lakh candidates taking the entrance examination, now conducted by UPSC, for about 42 seats.

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